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You can open the calculator and start it from any device, be it mobile, tablet or PC - it will take quite a bit of time. We organized everything so that you can conveniently use the online calculator & ndash; fast, easy and free.


Help contents:

Smart calculator online: advantages and features


Electronic calculator: features and capabilities

Function and command buttons

Some examples of simple mathematical operations

The calculation of a percentage of the number

The number of the number percentage?

The difference in percentage

How to select VAT from the amount

How did the calculator? Historical summary

Smart calculator online: advantages and features

Presented on the website calculator online free. It is similar to the usual version of the built-in desktop calculator on your computer - Microsoft. A distinctive advantage is its ease of use, as it "adjusts" to the size of the screen. What device would not have opened – online calculators are the optimum size for convenient operation with them.

Mathematical calculator online based on algebraic logic, i.e. all operations are executed according to existing rules of arithmetic, in the correct order, regardless of the sequence of input operations.

The advantages of computing

  • The high accuracy of the obtained results: the calculator can display up to 20 digits after the decimal point. Most programs are able to make the calculations up to 10 digits.
  • We can solve mathematical expressions, not by calculating them in pieces.
  • Is the functionality of the calculation of the fraction is 1/x. Thanks to this special fraction calculator is not required.
  • You can calculate the square root of a given number.
  • Tasks "addition" and "multiplication" are run according to the rules of mathematics : first multiplication and then summation.
  • Responsive design all the calculators project on any computer screen or phone, you can enjoy all the convenience of working with a great calculator that will adjust to screen size and take the optimal form.
  • The program has a convenient keypad and digital display, which reproduced the entire course of operations. Built-in memory system lets you undo accidentally incorrectly entered data.

Electronic calculator: features and capabilities

Mathematical calculator online performs basic operations in all presented on the website versions. Data input is carried out in two ways. First, by clicking the mouse on the electronic keyboard online calculator or a touch display mobile phone.

The second management option program – using the keyboard of your device – PC or mobile phone, tablet. In particular, the operations set with the buttons located both at the top and on the side of the keyboard of the personal computer.

Enhanced functionality allows you to immediately solve the whole examples with fractions, exponents, square roots, so no need to calculate them in turn. You just need to enter the whole sample the program online; it will help to calculate the square root, to perform the exponentiation to calculate the fraction.

Multi-function version of the program can also be used for separate calculations. In normal built:

  • Calculator degrees
  • Calculator dividing, multiplying
  • Calculator roots

Scientific calculator can calculate the values of sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, and many other operations.

Function and command buttons

Calculator online easy-to-use device. To enter commands from the keyboard use:

  • [Enter] – the "="sign
  • [Backspace] - delete the last entered number
  • [ + ] the plus sign
  • [- ] is the subtraction sign
  • [ * ] is the multiplication sign
  • [/] – a division sign
  • [Esc], [Del] - reset
  • [0] - [9] – entering the digits
  • [.] - decimal separator

On the display of the calculator is a lot of keys:

  • [00] - enter two zeros
  • [ ← ] to delete the last input
  • [+/-] - change the mathematical sign for
  • [XY] - exponentiation
  • [√] - calculation of root
  • [%] - percent calculation
  • [M+], [M-] - saves the program with the appropriate sign
  • [MC] - clear the calculator memory

Some examples of simple mathematical operations

  • To calculate the square root of one hundred eleven: 111 [√]. The result of 10.53.
  • The construction of the numeral 5 in the fourth degree: 5 [XY] 4 [=]. The result - 625.
  • To add the percentage: 200 [+] 12 [%][=]. The result – 224.
  • Subtract percentage from number: 200 [-] 12 [%][=]. The result – 176.

Multifunction device will simplify your math calculations, will reduce the time to solve complex problems.

How to calculate a percentage of numbers on the calculator?

Online calculator with interest allows you to calculate the proportion of the number. The stages of calculating:

  1. First enter the number indicating the amount of interest.
  2. Second, enter the number from which recognizable share.
  3. Click the multiplication [x].
  4. Click button [%].

Example : to find 23 percent of the number 15. Recruited, 15 [x] 23 [%]. The result is a 3.45

How to calculate interest on the amount on the calculator another way - without button [%]. For this you need the original amount (number) multiplied by the percentage and divide by one hundred. That is, the calculation of a percentage of the number using the calculator looks like this:

15 [x] 23 [/] 100 = 3,45

How to find the percentage of the number of even easier? Immediately mentally divide the percentage by 100, moving the decimal point over two places to the left (that is, not 23% and 0,23), count on the calculator:

15 [x] 0,23 = 3,45

What percentage of the number of the number?

Example : how many percent the number 12 is the number 48. To do this, we type display:

12 [/] 48 [x] 100 = 25%

Twelve is 25% of the forty-eight. We found the ratio of the two numbers as a percentage or fraction of the first number from the second.

The difference in percentage between two numbers

For example, we calculate the difference between wages in the two months salary in March amounted to 25 000 roubles (old), and in June — 30 000 rubles (new).

Suppose x is the greatest amount, and y is smaller, then the formula

(New – old) [/] old [x] 100

(30 000 [-] 25 000) [/] 25 000 [x] 100 = 20%

In June received 20% pay more than in June and on the contrary, less than 20% in March.

How to select VAT from the amount

Provide VAT from the total amount is possible by a simple formula:

Amount [x] 18 [/] 118

To find the amount without VAT is also just

The sum of [/] of 1.18

Or just subtract the resulting VAT from the total amount.

Example : Count on a calculator how many percent VAT 944 rubles?

944 [x] 18 [/] 118 = 144

Answer: the total amount 944 rubles, including VAT 18% 144 rubles. Amount excluding VAT = 944 – 144 = 800

How did the calculator? Historical summary

Almost everyone knows that the first device for an account appeared long ago, it was the counting Board, under the name "ABAC". Then used the abacus, Mat.table. "A distant relative" of the calculator – adding machine was invented already in 1643 scientists from France by Blaise Pascal.

Math calculator in the usual pocket version, the form appeared in 1971. The manufacturer of the prototype is firm Bomwar. In the 70's the production was running version devices with more customized functionality, including a scientific calculator with degrees (Hewlett Packard 72 year).

Few people know that at the present time, calculators are dozens of options and models. Based on the purpose of use and amount of input data, a great demand for devices of the following types:

  • Simple online calculator
  • Statistical – calculation of statistics social survey
  • Medical
  • For programming
  • Graphics – graphs of functions and not only
  • Financial, including mortgage model is necessary for calculating interest on loan repayment
  • Poker device - to miscalculation of risk and opportunities of winning bets
  • Accounting and tax